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Becoming a climbing instructor can be a great way of combining your love of the sport with earning some extra money during evenings and weekends.

If you’ve always enjoyed passing on your knowledge of climbing skills to friends and family then you’ll probably find Instructing a very natural step to take.  It’s also, perhaps, not as difficult a step to take as you may be anticipating!

There are, of course, the National Governing Body awards – Single Pitch Award (SPA) or Climbing Wall Award (CWA) which require a great deal of experience of instructing at a number of sites with many different groups before you’re really even eligible to complete the training.  Then there’s the lengthy consolidation period followed by an assessment…

Angela Gunning abseiling at Craggy IslandHowever, for less experienced instructors or for those at the very start of turning their passion into a career, here at Craggy we offer a Site-Specific Award.

This Award enables you to work at Craggy Island as an instructor.  There is the same training day, consolidation period and assessment day but this can all be undertaken at Craggy rather than needing considerable investment and countless days of driving here, there and everywhere.

Training is a 6 hour long course costing just £27 and this is completed in a day (usually 10:30-16:30).  During the training we cover many aspects of working life here at Craggy:

  • Full tour of the relevant areas of work including customer collection, kit storage and appropriate climbing areas for your group.
  • Training on all “best practice” safety skills so you’re not only topping up your own skill level but are passing those skills on correctly to your students.
  • Correct use of all safety equipment here at Craggy (numerous harnesses, helmets and belay devices).
  • Group management whilst working in the climbing area.
  • Child Protection training.
  • Basic rescue training (what to do when it goes a bit wrong on a session!)

Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be provided with an individual action plan.  This will give detailed information on the length of your consolidation period (how many sessions you’ll need at “shadow”) and also the type of sessions we feel will be appropriate to your skill set.

When you have completed your “shadowing” you’ll then be ready to be assessed.  There are two levels to this; your first assessment will be with Marv, Centre Manager.  He will be checking to see that you’re up to standard with both your safety and customer service skills.  Should he feel there is something you need to work a little more on then this will be discussed and you’ll be given clear direction as to how to achieve competency on those things ready to be reassessed by him.

kids clubAfter your successful assessment with Marv you’ll be booked in for a full assessment with Danie, General Manager.  She’ll be checking that you’re safe to work within the centre and that you’re able to maintain our high standards of safety and enjoyment for all of our customers.  An assessment with Danie will usually take place on a Party as these can be the most challenging sessions from an instructor’s point of view.

Having successfully passed your assessment…  You’ll be ready to start working with live groups and earning money from something you genuinely love doing!

Next course will be running on Saturday 12th of November 2016.

Please call us on 01483 566880 to get yourself booked on or simply BOOK ONLINE by selecting “Site Spec. Training”. Please contact Marv Smith on marv@craggy-island.com for further information.

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