Introduction to Bouldering

  • This course will give you all the necessary skills to climb on your own and join us as a member
  • There are no pre-requisites and the course really is suitable for complete beginners and parents wanting to learn how to supervise their children
  • 90 minutes of professional climbing instruction from our highly trained and enthusiastic instructors
  • All safety equipment whilst you’re on the course
  • Keeping safe in the climbing areas
  • Spotting (looking after a climbing partner to assist in their safe ascent and descent)
  • Communication and Safety Checks (how to clearly communicate at the start and end of each climb to ensure that both spotter and climber are ready for action!)
  • Basic Climbing Techniques (how to get the best out of your climbing to get you started)
  • First year of Annual Membership and a week of climbing for £FREE!


£30.00 per person


BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL for all Craggy Island Courses!

Booking lines open 10am-9:30pm weekdays and 10am-6pm weekends.  Call us on 0344 880 8866 or email us.

Bookings are non-refundable 1-week prior to the start of the booked activity.

All sessions are conducted by one or more of Craggy’s qualified members of staff who are highly trained, qualified and passionate about providing climbing in an exhilarating but safe manner!

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