Craggy’s Guide to Fighting the Festive Flab!

champersAnyone that has the misfortune to spend lots of time with me will know how excited I get about all things festive…  Especially the food!

There are always the lovely presents, catching up with old friends and endless family parties that we love so much too.  However, don’t you just hate that Boxing Day feeling of having eaten and drunk waaaaaay too much…  So much that the thought of squeezing your belly into a harness and attempting to lift your own body weight is something that can’t even be considered until the New Year.

Avoiding gaining weight over Christmas could actually be one of the best gifts to give yourself this year.

Let’s start by looking at what you might eat on Christmas day alone…

  • Bowl of muesli:  150 calories
  • Cheeky treat of smoked salmon on toast:  300 calories
  • Glass of mulled wine whilst basting the Turkey:  250 calories
  • 3 mince pies as a mid-morning snack:  700 calories
  • Handful of nuts:  200 calories
  • Stealing a couple of sausages wrapped in bacon whilst your mum’s not looking:  200 calories
  • Roast Turkey with all the trimmings:  1000 calories
  • Christmas pudding with a dollop of brandy butter:  600 calories
  • Couple of large glasses of wine:  200 calories
  • Two glasses of Baileys:  250 calories
  • Handful of chocolates:  300 calories
  • Big wedge of Christmas cake:  500 calories
  • Cheese and biscuits when you feel peckish in the evening…:  300 calories

That’s a grand total of…  4950 calories!

santaThat’s nearly 3 times the recommended daily intake for the average woman and double a man’s recommended daily intake.  It’s pretty easy to see why most of us pile on an extra couple of kilos during Christmas and the New Year really…

It’s thought that we’ll eat at least an extra 500 calories a day on top of our “normal” intake.  That’s approximately 7500 calories that is going to sit on our hips unless we do something about it.  In climbing terms…  That’s going to take you about 12 hours of climbing your little butt off to reverse it’s effects.

So, let’s not dwell on the facts as let’s face it, we don’t actually want to avoid eating ourselves silly we just want to avoid the weight-gain!

Here’s our survival guide:

1. Don’t get started too early in the day.  Treat breakfast as normal – you don’t need all those extra treats usually, remember!

2. Alternate every alcoholic drink with two glasses of water.  This will not only slow you down but will also keep you hydrated and help you to stay feeling fresh.

3. Drink lower calorie alcohols like wine and water them down like a spritzer.

4. Avoid creamy sweet liqueurs which are packed with calories and fat but sooooo easy to drink!

5. Eat a good sized, healthy snack before you go to any Christmas party.

6. Negotiate with yourself before each party – only one naughty treat and stick to it!

7. First, fill yourself up with low-fat, low-calorie options so there’s less room for the empty carbs.

8. Use smaller plates.  Trust me, it really does work!

9. Get mingling and get dancing!  The more you socialise, the less you’ll be thinking about those pesky sausage rolls and the more you dance – the more calories you’ll burn!

10. Eat slowly.  It takes about 20 minutes for the message that you’re getting full to get through.

11. Look for low-fat and low-calorie options to incorporate in to your cooking.

12. Say “NO” to the little extras…  A couple of spoonfulls of Cranberry Sauce will set you back 50 calories, Bread Sauce 200 calories and Gravy 120 calories.

13. Avoid unnecessary taste-testing whlist cooking!  Remember, you’re tasting to make sure it’s seasoned just right – it’s not a starter!

14. Don’t dwindle the exercise – do a minimum of 30 minutes every day, including Christmas day.  Keeping up your regular climbing sessions during the festive period will mean that climbing won’t come as a shock after 2 weeks of eating, drinking and partying!  Why not bring the family as a treat and get everyone active?

15. Buy and ask for activity-based presents.  These will be beneficial both during and after Christmas and will help to re-motivate you once New Year arrives.

16. Get plenty of sleep.  If you go to be late and get up early then your body will start to crave energy-boosting high-calorie snacks!

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