What makes Craggy Island’s Kids Clubs so special…?

party surrey climbingHaving been at the fore-front of indoor climbing in the South East since 2004, we really have a great understanding of how to provide brilliant climbing!

Back in 2004, one of the first courses we started developing and delivering was Kids Club.  In the 10 years since, we’ve seen it grow from strength to strength with many hundreds of aspiring young climbers coming through our doors and have kept diversifying and adapting along the way – always ensuring that we not only provide the best service in safety and instruction but also ensuring that our Clubs are the most fun around!

FolderWe’ve never been fans of anything bland or “normal” and our Kids Clubs are no exception.  Rather than implementing an off-the-shelf awards scheme for our young climbers, we’ve taken the time to create our own bespoke awards schemes for both our Mini Kids Club and Kids Club.  We love to climb and know that every youngster that walks through our doors here wants to climb too so that’s what we focus on during our kids sessions.  We avoid the more mundane “classroom” style sessions adopted for a lot of learning situations and prefer to get straight on the walls to allow them to let off steam and get stuck in to the sport they’ve fallen in love with…

Lucy Bradbury climbing the stackHaving said that, we still appreciate that there’s a need for structure and offer a great range of courses for schools and groups to work through beginner courses and fulfill educational criteria, like for GCSEs.

Climbing offers an incredible alternative to youngsters who may struggle in team sport situations.  It is engaging both physically and mentally and a great way to not only keep active but to unwind and learn valuable social and communication skills.  In climbing, you develop partnerships with your peers based on trust and many great friendships have been forged as a result.

Every child that attends a Kids Club is given a folder containing the syllabus for all of our awards (Levels 1 to 5) and they are aimed at progressing a child’s climbing from absolute beginner to being a very experienced indoor climber with the ability to belay, lead climb and demonstrate advanced technical ability.

child rock climbing at Craggy IslandLevel 1:

This is for beginner climbers and is all about them learning the basic safety skills like knot-tying and belaying to ensure that they are safe within the climbing area.

Level 2:

We start to focus more on the movement of climbing now – looking at basic techniques to refine their style and start working towards harder climbs.

Level 3:

Once a child reaches Silver they will be a very competent climber with a great range of safety skills and a confident climbing style.  This is now the time to look at advanced movement techniques and encouraging them to start pushing their grade.

Level 4:

This is where they start to gain their independence at Craggy.  They’ll start to build confidence in their own decision making and our instructors will be there to ensure they’re safe and able to take steps to looking after themselves in a climbing wall environment.

ContentLevel 5:

This is our most advanced award and sees youngsters climbing independently.  Still under the guidance of our instructors, they will make their own decisions about which climbs they will attempt and will be ready to choose their own direction – many opt to move into Craghoppers or the Youth Development Squad at this stage if they have not already done so.

Upon completing an award level they receive a certificate as part of their folder.

If you’d like to find out more about our sessions please select either Guildford or Sutton.  Alternatively, why not give us a call on 0844 880 8866 and we can talk you through the options and help you to choose the right club for your child.




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