Seb’s Top Tips for buying Rock Shoes:

Rock On at Craggy Island!The right shoes will make you climb better. Fact!

However, this is an incredibly personal thing – what’s right for you may not be right for anyone else and, equally, just cos your mate swears by his shoes doesn’t mean they will work well for you.

At Rock On we start by looking at your feet and trying to find shoes that either match the shape of your feet or will be filled by your feet. Rock shoes don’t have to be painful but they do have to be tight. Only you can judge how tight you can bear your shoes to be but we can guide you through the sensible options for your feet and explain the differences, how much they may stretch, soften and shape around you and whether they are an appropriate shoe for how (or what) you like to climb. You will almost certainly climb better (or harder) in a well fitting pair of not-too-technical shoes than you will in a badly fitting pair of very technical ones. Our job is to help you work out the difference.

This only works because we keep hundreds of pairs of rock shoes in each of our shops. If your feet are sized between a kids size 9 (27 continental) and an adults size 14 (49 continental) we should have the size and shape to fit you. If your feet are bigger than that we might still have some but maybe not much choice and if you are smaller than a kids size 9 does your mummy know you are on the internet?!

Seb from Rock On’s top ten tips to buying rock shoes:

1) Buying a rock shoe is like finding your perfect partner; don’t judge on looks alone or stop searching until it feels absolutely right.

2) Size really does matter! Always seek advice from a specialist in this area. Get this wrong and you really may as well be climbing in a pair of bright pink flip flops! (We sell these too!)

3) As within the bedroom, stay OPEN MINDED! What you think or ‘know’ you might like, may well be standing in between you and something you don’t already know, that’s better.

4) Man made fabrics are more likely to smell than natural ones so smelly feet peoples be aware!

5) All rock shoes are going to stretch to some degree over the first 5-6 weeks of regular usage. The ‘shop fit’ wants to be that little bit smaller to compensate for this.

6) The compromise with rock shoes is always between comfort and performance. My view is that often the proportion of performance gained is disproportionate to the comfort lost, BUT that for the ambitious climber this trade off is very much worth it.

7) The ‘right’ pair of rock shoes will give you the extra confidence you need in your feet to progress to the next level.

8) Don’t waste your time trying shoes on over the Internet. Exactly – you can’t! You’ll spend precious few pennies more, if any, and you’ll get expert hands on service from a specialist outlet like us.

9) The rock shoe is critical to your climbing enjoyment and progression so the effort spent on getting it right is rewarded to you every time you climb. Now that rocks!

10) The staff at Rock On are the most enthusiastic rock shoe climber type people in the universe and that’s a fact!



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