What will your New Year’s Resolutions be…?

I’m sure that it’ll come as no surprise that the two most common resolutions every January are: Exercise more and lose weight!

Every year, hundreds vow to change their lives with the New Year. Claiming that “this year will be different” and discovering the timely motivation to get to the climbing wall, say no to the chocolate and give beer a wider berth than normal… Achieving these resolutions can be easier by remembering a few steps:

Set Specific Goals

Everyone wants to get fit and lose weight but specific and realistic goals are easier to accomplish. Keep from making excessively difficult goals and ones attained too easily. Detailed goals like losing five pounds or going to the wall two times a week allow for plans to be made. This way you can change your diet and plan on eating lighter dinners every night. Creating a plan helps meet daily and ultimately larger goals.

Stick to the Plan

Forming new habits can be challenging. That unexpected slice of cake may sabotage your diet. Going climbing becomes a struggle after a long day at work. Challenges happen and faltering is impossible to avoid. However, it’s imperative to return to the goal as soon as possible. Missing multiple days creates a new habit that keeps you further from your goal! The hardest part of realising these goals is sticking to them.

Reward Yourself

Reinforcing positive habits makes changing easier. If you want to climb more, reward yourself with a new pair of shoes on your tenth day climbing. If you want to lose weight, buy a cookbook that details tasty meals. Encourage the habits that move you towards your goal. Challenge yourself with your resolution and reward yourself when you succeed.

Whatever your goals may be in the New Year, we’re happy to be a part of the process! 

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