NEW at Guildford… Youth Development Squad!

12 year old girl rock climbing at Craggy IslandWhat is it?

The Youth Development Squad is for youngsters aged 8+ wanting to not only develop their personal climbing but also wishing to compete at Regional or National level.

Who is it suitable for?

The Squad is suitable for children with a good knowledge of the climbing safety skills.  All members of the squad must be at least Craggy Silver or NICAS Level 3 to join.  Weekly sessions will not only look at techniques and training but will also focus on competition skills and preparation.  Anyone who does not have an interest in competitions should attend Kids Club or Craghoppers.

Why should my child attend?

Here at Craggy we have a great deal of experience when it comes to competitions, techniques and training.  With coaches that have been Junior, Regional, National and International Champions there is plenty to offer youngsters wanting to explore the ever more popular world of competition climbing.  The instructors that will be working with your child each week will be there to not only guide and develop but also to ensure they’re having a great time!  Each group will have a coach assigned to them who will work with them regularly, every week.  Oh, and most importantly…  They get their very own Youth Squad T-shirt!!

Youth Team members Issy and Matilda receiving coaching from Shauna Coxsey - current British Bouldering and Lead Climbing Champion

Youth Team members Issy and Matilda receiving coaching from Shauna Coxsey – current British Bouldering and Lead Climbing Champion

What will they do each week?

There will be a weekly session plan which the youngsters will work to that will ensure their climbing and techniques develop as the weeks go on.  This will include everything from warming up and climbing efficiently to strength training and competition skills.  They will also be issued with a Training Diary to record their efforts and keep them on track.

Do they need to do competitions?

Yes.  All members of the squad will be expected to attend at least one competition each term.  This can be local, regional, or national – whichever is most relevant to the time of year and their level of ability.  Craggy Island is not able to provide funding or transport for this so parents or guardians must be willing to make that commitment to their child’s climbing.

teenager rock climbingWhat is the difference between the Youth Development Squad and the Youth Team?

The Youth Climbing Team are what we consider to be our elite young climbers and Craggy funds all of their training and assists in raising funds to enable them to compete at events.  Their coaches are available to them at all times and they have a Team Manager who ensures everything runs smoothly.  They are youngsters who have already shown form in competitions and have potential to improve further.  The Youth Development Squad is open to any young climber wishing to attend and excel in competitions.  It gives them access to coaching, training and advice which they would not normally encounter during a Kids Club, Craghoppers or NICAS session.

Will my child be selected for the Youth Climbing Team?

There is no guarantee of this.  Each year, in October, we will host a selection day for the following year.  Any young climber wishing to be considered for the Youth Team must attend this selection day – including the current Youth Team members.  From this we will then select the new team.  Selection will be based on recent results, attitude during their weekly sessions and their potential.

Want to get booked on?

See here for further information, prices and availability!  Spaces are limited and we are taking bookings now for the term starting in September.  You can contact Reception on 0844 880 8866 and they will be happy to help.  If you have any questions or wish to discuss whether this style of session is suitable for your child, please contact Shona, Centre Manager at

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