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5 Climbing Accessories you never even knew you needed!

Do you know what the best thing about climbing is? Being able to buy all that gorgeous kit! Even bouldering, the simpler side of the sport, requires so many “things”! This makes us happy…

Should you have a need to purchase any of these entirely unnecessary items… They’re all available from your local Rock On Climbing shop!

1. Boot Bananas

Ok, so these yummy-smelling, fruit-themed, lavender-infused pouches of gorgeousness really would make your gran proud! The idea is that you poke them inside your stinky climbing shoes in between sessions and they absorb/mask the smell (I’m not really sure which!). Chances are that your climbing bag will just end up smelling like your grannies knicker-drawer though.

Joking aside, they’re actually pretty good! And if it saves your shoes stinking out your bag/car/bedroom then that can only be a good thing.

2. A Clip Stick

Chances are that you really don’t need one of these… For anyone that doesn’t know what one is – it’s basically a metal pole that you can attach a quickdraw to so you can pre-clip the next bolt whilst sport climbing. Therefore… You only need one if you’re working super-hard (although grades are always relative) routes outside.

Why don’t you need one for indoor climbing…? Because you can always grab a few jugs and clip the next draw before lowering back down to try the moves again. And boulderers, you really don’t need one! Although if you attach a brush in place of the quickdraw they do make for a very useful telescopic brushing stick!

3. A Boulder Bucket

Ok, so being the proud owner of several of these I feel a bit bad putting this one in. Thing is, you don’t need one as a normal chalk bag does the job perfectly well but there’s something VERY alluring about a really BIG chalk bag that comes in many different colours, styles and degrees of cuteness (see photo!). They’re also usually packed out with various pockets, places to stash brushes and pouches and hidey places for all the other accessories that you don’t really need! Life is good with a boulder bucket…

4. Liquid Chalk

I bet you didn’t even know that a powder could be a liquid?! Well, it can when it comes to chalk! I think they mix it with some sort of resin and alcohol to that it sticks to your hands and then the moisture evaporates very quickly so that you’re ready to climb. Used in pole-dancing too, apparently.

Some people swear by it – especially those with exceptionally sweaty paws – but it’s likely that you’ll be fine with the powdered form. Saves a lot of mess when the lid comes off in your climbing bag and it splurges all over everything too! Trust me, that stuff is tough enough to get off your hands at the end of a session let alone to try to wash out of your work clothes that you stuffed in to your bag at the end of your session!

5. Belay Glasses

I am fully expecting to be berated for putting this one in here… Thing is, I just don’t get. I’ve been belaying for 20+ years – outside, indoors, on crazy-long multipitch routes, instructing groups and whilst people spend hours red-pointing and not once has it occurred to me that I needed a set of specs to stop my neck from aching. I’ve just had a wriggle, a little stretch and adjusted my position.

Add to that as well that I’m pretty ditsy and my spatial awareness is, well, pretty terrible to say the least and I really have no idea what I’m looking at when I have something foreign on my face that is constructed of lenses and mirrors which all point in different directions…! Clearly anyone with an IQ higher than that of a potato will fare much better! Although… They do come in a range of colours to suit all outfits so I’m seeing their appeal a little more already!