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5 Healthy Hangover Cures for Climbers!

Not looking forward to that “morning after” feeling that’s sure to dampen your climbing spirits…? Here’s our top 5 Healthy Hangover Cures to get you back to the wall the very next day!

1. Rehydrate

We know this isn’t rocket science but what you choose to rehydrate with can really affect your recovery rate.

Water – of course, this is the place to start. However, drinking your water with a squeeze of lemon or lime in it will help your body to absorb the water more effectively due to the vitamin C.

Sports Drinks – an isotonic sports drink will provide your body with lots of electrolytes from the salts and sugars they contain and is definitely a good way to start the rehydration process.

Coconut Water – this is fast becoming the go-to hangover cure. And with good reason. It’s packed full of electrolytes, potassium and antioxidants which make for the perfect antidote to all those horrible alcohol toxins you loved every minute of consuming last night!

Fruit Juice – a glass of your favourite fruit juice will most certainly make you feel better as it’ll perk your blood sugar levels right up. However, if you don’t eat anything then you’ll soon come crashing back down to earth so make sure you only have a glass to get you up and in the mood for a bacon sarnie.

2. Refuel

This is just as important as getting yourself rehydrated again. It can be pretty hard to take the plunge and actually commit to eating something but without it you’ll soon find yourself being drawn to the sofa, the space underneath your desk or, even worse, back to the bathroom!

Marmite – now, you do either love it or hate it so I suggest that you only attempt Marmite on toast if you’re a lover! If you’ve always hated Marmite then now is not the time to try to change that. Marmite on wholemeal toast is a great way to fuel your recovery as yeast extract contains lots of B vitamins and folic acid which will do wonders for both your mood and the queasy feeling in your tummy…

Eggs – whether you prefer them scrambled, fried or soft-boiled with soldiers, eggs are easy to digest and quick to prepare. Have them with wholemeal toast or with bacon in a yummy sandwich to add some extra protein and slow-release carbs to keep you going.

Tomatoes – yes, really! They wouldn’t be first on my list either but they contain lots of vitamins A and C along with the antioxidant Lycopene which will help you to feel better.

3. Caffeine

If you’re also suffering from lack of sleep due to your heroic dance-floor moves or trying to keep up with the youngsters from the marketing department then caffeine will be your friend. A big mug of tea will provide a warm snuggle to start your day, grab a coffee to get over that 11am slump and then dive into some green tea to make yourself feel righteous again in the afternoon. Be sure to still work on the rehydration too though as caffeine does act as a diuretic.

4. Ginger

Feeling particularly delicate in the tummy…? Ginger is proven to help with this and settle a fragile tum. Lemon and Ginger tea is a good start if you don’t think you’ll be keeping much down for breakfast otherwise. Or, if the thought of something warm turns your stomach then some ginger ale will have the same settling effect with an added bonus of some sugar to kickstart your digestion in preparation for some much-needed brekkie!

5. Go for a Climb!

In fact, any exercise you feel up to doing will help speed your recovery. When you get to the wall, park a little way out so you can grab a 5-minute walk in the fresh air before you start your climb. This will blow some of the alcho-webs away and prepare your body for some exercise. You might also want to grab another coffee and a snack to make sure your breakfast stays firmly in place before commiting to being at height though!