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5 Reasons to Date a Climber!

Adult beginner bouldering climbing

Climbers are in great shape, positive, and fun to be around. They’re also trustworthy – how many other sports are there where you literally place your life in someone else’s hands?!

Here are our Top 5 reasons as to why climbers make the best partners – both on and off the wall!:

1. Climbers are happy people.

Due to all the physical exercise and socialising that climbing encourages, climbers tend to be happy, positive and relaxed people.¬† Making them great company. Climbing releases lots of those lovely “feel-good” endorphins which give you that gorgeous exercise glow and make you feel good about life.

2. Climbers care about their health.

Climbing’s far from being about body-beautiful – in fact, it’s about celebrating what your body can achieve physically when you put your mind to it. It’s a beautiful thing. On the whole though, climbers take great care of themselves. Anyone that dedicates themselves to a regular exercise regime is willing to put the effort in to support that with a healthy lifestyle and this means eating well, resting properly and making good decisions about looking after yourself both physically and emotionally.

3. Climbers are committed and don’t give up.

Some might even argue that they’re possibly too committed at times – to climbing, that is! Seriously though, they’re generally dedicated, hard-working people that don’t back down from a challenge. Even when the going gets tough.

4. You can trust your climbing partner.

If you’re willing to trust them to hold your rope and keep you safe whilst you climb then chances are they won’t let you down in other aspects of your life too!

5. Climbing has been voted as the “Sexiest Sport” by women!

Don’t just take our word for it, check this out!¬†Golf didn’t rank quite so high though – quelle surprise?!