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Are you ADDICTED to climbing?

Youth Squad Sutton

Take our test to determine just how much you’re addicted to climbing – award yourself 1 point for every “Yes”:

1. Do you climb at least once a week?

2. Are the most expensive shoes you own your climbing shoes?

3. Have you ever cancelled a social engagement so you can go climbing instead?

4. Do you have more than 3 climbing centre membership cards in your wallet/purse?

5. Have you ever reached behind you to chalk up whilst in a stressful situation at work?

6. Is your regular climbing night with your mates as important as “date night” with your other half?

7. Did you meet your other half through climbing?

8. Have you been on at least 1 climbing holiday this year?

9. Does your mind constantly wander back to climbing when you’re trying to work or study?

10. Do you feel most comfortable when you’re in your climbing clothes and covered in chalk?


If you answered Yes to 1-4 questions, you’re probably just starting out on your climbing journey. You know that climbing is your new favourite hobby but you’ve not thrown everything at it quite yet.

Did you say Yes to 5-7 questions? Then you’re well on the way to being a climbing junkie! In fact, you’ve probably got the balance about right so you can be well and truly in love with climbing, but it hasn’t taken over you life yet. There’s a fine balance though so keep this in mind and check back regularly to make sure you’ve not tipped over into obsession!

Were you proud to get 8-10 Yes’s? Well my friend, I’m sorry to say that you are actually addicted to climbing. It’s ok though, there are certainly worse compulsions to have! Climbing is good for the body and soul. You’re likely to have a good and trusting friendship with your climbing partner. You’ve got a hobby that gets you out of the house and, more than likely, out in the fresh air and you’ll see some truly beautiful places in pursuit of your love of climbing!