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Adult Weekend Beginner Course Guildford

  • This course will give you all the necessary skills to climb on your own and join us as a member.
  • There are no pre-requisites and the course really is suitable for complete beginners aged 14+.
  • 4 hours of professional climbing instruction from our highly trained and enthusiastic instructors.
  • All safety equipment whilst you’re on the course; Harness, Climbing Shoes, Belay Device and Karabiners.
  • Knot-tying.
  • Belaying (this is how to hold your climber’s rope and make them safe during their ascent).
  • Communication and Safety-Checks (how to clearly communicate at the start and end of each climb to ensure that both belayer and climber are ready for action!).
  • Basic Climbing Techniques (how to get the best out of your climbing to get you started).