Member Bouldering @ Sutton (Sutton) | Craggy Island
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Member Bouldering @ Sutton (Sutton)

Intro Sessions

How to book to come bouldering:

  • We are open for member bouldering only for now. No new registrations and no instructed sessions. Please see links below for further information.
  • If you’ve been bouldering with us before and completed a Registration Form to climb unsupervised then you’ll be able to come in to climb as soon as we open on Saturday 25th of July! If in doubt, please email us at so we can advise you on what is available for you at this time.
  • We recommend that you pre-book your climb! We have limited the number of people in the building at any one time to allow for social distancing. If you have not pre-booked then there is a chance that you will be turned away if we are fully booked at that time.
  • Booking your climb is free – you will pay your entry when you arrive at the centre so we can assure that you’re charged the correct amount. 3 Star memberships will be up and running to use as soon as we open.
  • “Lunchtime Climb” price is available only on the 11:30 slot on weekdays.
  • If you have booked to come climbing but then decide not to for any reason, we ask that you cancel your space at least 2 hours before you were due to arrive so that it can be made available to someone else. We’re operating a “3 strikes and you’re out” so if you no-show 3 times then you won’t be able to pre-book again!
  • Please book 1 space for every person that will be coming to climb and book under their name/account where possible. If you’re booking for yourself to come bouldering, please just book 1 space. If you’re booking to bring your child climbing, please book 2 spaces. If you’re coming as a family, please book 2 spaces for the adults and 2 spaces for the children. I’m sure you get the idea.
  • Please note that we are not offering hire kit currently and the Caving & Traverse room is closed to all customers.

For full details of the entry procedures for Craggy Sutton, please click here.

To view our Coronavirus Policy, please click here.

We’re adding more availability all the time so check back soon to book further ahead!

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us at

We very much look forward to welcoming you all back!