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Job Vacancies – Weekend Instructors @ Guildford

We are looking for a team of Instructors to work with our groups and sessions at Craggy Guildford.

Role: As an Instructor at Craggy Island, Guildford you are responsible for delivering indoor climbing sessions in a fun, safe and nurturing manner. Session types include Beginner Courses, Birthday Parties, Taster Sessions and Private Tuition. For more experienced instructors, or upon completion of relevant training, there will also be the opportunity to provide Lead Courses and Performance Coaching to customers.

Hours: Working hours for instructors at Craggy Island are flexible. The majority of hours are available during weekends so could suit someone who is currently studying or has another job. Occasional daytime and weekday evening work is also available to meet the demands of our booked sessions. We are particularly interested in hearing from applicants looking to work on Saturdays but require Instructors for both weekend days.

Requirements: Applicants must be aged 18 years or over at time of application. All applicants must have some personal climbing experience. Some instructing experience is desirable but not essential; paid training will be provided to all successful applicants at whatever level is appropriate.

Pay: Hourly rate for  instructors is £8.07 per hour for 18 to 24 year olds and £8.40 per hour for 25+ year olds.

5 Climbing Accessories you never even knew you needed!

Do you know what the best thing about climbing is? Being able to buy all that gorgeous kit! Even bouldering, the simpler side of the sport, requires so many “things”! This makes us happy…

Should you have a need to purchase any of these entirely unnecessary items… They’re all available from your local Rock On Climbing shop!

1. Boot Bananas

Ok, so these yummy-smelling, fruit-themed, lavender-infused pouches of gorgeousness really would make your gran proud! The idea is that you poke them inside your stinky climbing shoes in between sessions and they absorb/mask the smell (I’m not really sure which!). Chances are that your climbing bag will just end up smelling like your grannies knicker-drawer though.

Joking aside, they’re actually pretty good! And if it saves your shoes stinking out your bag/car/bedroom then that can only be a good thing.

2. A Clip Stick

Chances are that you really don’t need one of these… For anyone that doesn’t know what one is – it’s basically a metal pole that you can attach a quickdraw to so you can pre-clip the next bolt whilst sport climbing.

Shoulder Injuries in Climbers – info and FREE workshops

Greg Conlon is a soft tissue therapist, sports injury practitioner and full time belay slave to his son, Rhys. He is always available and happy to answer questions when loitering at Craggy.

“When I am climbing at Craggy I constantly meet new people every time who need to discuss the pain in their shoulders. As a therapist who came to climbing late after 30 years as an athlete I can totally understand where they are coming from.

In my experience, almost all shoulder injuries in amateur climbers occur because of an imbalance in strength between chest musculature (the squeeze and press muscles), the latissimus dorsi (the pulling ones that strong guys like me rely on because my footwork is rubbish) and the shoulder stabilisers under, over and between your shoulder blades (the hold you close to the wall ones).

The result is typically irritation of the supraspinatus tendon in the shoulder which gets worse and worse until you can’t raise your arm above your head.

The obvious way to prevent/fix this is to improve your technique; a bit of coaching or input from your more experienced climbing buddies can go a long way to helping with this.

Job Vacancy – Part Time Receptionist, Guildford

We are looking for a Part Time Receptionist to join our team here at Craggy Guildford. Find out more about the job here.

Role: As one of the Receptionists you offer our customers the “first impression” of Craggy Island when they come into the centre, call to make a booking or email for information. You are responsible for ensuring that all our customers receive a high level of customer service via any medium and that enquiries are dealt with effectively and in a timely manner. You should be friendly, fun, well-organised and able to work both as part of a team and on your own.

Hours: Contracted hours are in the region of 20 per week but this can be varied to suit the right applicant, within reason. This includes some daytime, some evening and working 1 weekend in every 4. You will work on a continuous rolling rota so hours are regular and you will always know in advance when you will be working.

Requirements: Applicants must be aged 18 years or over at the time of your application. Some experience working in a customer service environment is desirable, as is some experience of indoor climbing but this is not essential;

5 Healthy Hangover Cures for Climbers!

Not looking forward to that “morning after” feeling that’s sure to dampen your climbing spirits…? Here’s our top 5 Healthy Hangover Cures to get you back to the wall the very next day!

1. Rehydrate

We know this isn’t rocket science but what you choose to rehydrate with can really affect your recovery rate.

Water – of course, this is the place to start. However, drinking your water with a squeeze of lemon or lime in it will help your body to absorb the water more effectively due to the vitamin C.

Sports Drinks – an isotonic sports drink will provide your body with lots of electrolytes from the salts and sugars they contain and is definitely a good way to start the rehydration process.

Coconut Water – this is fast becoming the go-to hangover cure. And with good reason. It’s packed full of electrolytes, potassium and antioxidants which make for the perfect antidote to all those horrible alcohol toxins you loved every minute of consuming last night!

Fruit Juice – a glass of your favourite fruit juice will most certainly make you feel better as it’ll perk your blood sugar levels right up.

Festive Opening Times for 2017!

Here are our Festive Opening Times for 2017:

Times are the same at both Craggy Island Guildford and Sutton.

All of our course availability is online here.

If you’d like to get something booked in, please either choose your preferred session online or give us a call on 0344 880 8866 and Reception will be happy to help you with information, availability and booking.

Job Vacancy – Part Time Casual Instructors, Sutton

We are looking for a team of Instructors to work with our groups and sessions at Craggy Sutton.

Role: As an Instructor at Craggy Island, Sutton you are responsible for delivering indoor climbing and caving sessions in a fun, safe and nurturing manner. Session types include Intro to Bouldering Courses, Birthday Parties and Taster Sessions. For more experienced instructors, or upon completion of relevant training, there will also be the opportunity to provide Performance Coaching to customers.

Hours: Working hours for instructors at Craggy Island are flexible. The majority of hours are available during evenings and weekends so could suit someone who is currently studying or has another job. Occasional daytime work with School Groups is also available to meet the demands of our booked sessions.

Requirements: Applicants must be aged 18 years or over at time of application. All applicants must have some personal climbing experience. Some instructing experience is desirable but not essential; paid training will be provided to all successful applicants at whatever level is appropriate.

Pay: Hourly rate for  instructors is £8.07 per hour for 18 to 24 year olds and £8.40 per hour for 25+ year olds.

5 Reasons to Date a Climber!

Climbers are in great shape, positive, and fun to be around. They’re also trustworthy – how many other sports are there where you literally place your life in someone else’s hands?!

Here are our Top 5 reasons as to why climbers make the best partners – both on and off the wall!:

1. Climbers are happy people.

Due to all the physical exercise and socialising that climbing encourages, climbers tend to be happy, positive and relaxed people.  Making them great company. Climbing releases lots of those lovely “feel-good” endorphins which give you that gorgeous exercise glow and make you feel good about life.

2. Climbers care about their health.

Climbing’s far from being about body-beautiful – in fact, it’s about celebrating what your body can achieve physically when you put your mind to it. It’s a beautiful thing. On the whole though, climbers take great care of themselves. Anyone that dedicates themselves to a regular exercise regime is willing to put the effort in to support that with a healthy lifestyle and this means eating well, resting properly and making good decisions about looking after yourself both physically and emotionally.

Another successful Boot Demo at Sutton!

The second in our series of Winter Rock Shoe Demos took place last night at Sutton – this time we hosted the very lovely people from Boreal in partnership with Rock On.

Boreal brought a great range of shoes with them so our customers were able to try everything from beginner shoes to get them climbing in comfort to top-end performance shoes that would really have them pushing their grade! Dominic from Rock On was on hand to offer help and advice both on and off the wall.

Customers received 20% off all Boreal shoes when they placed an order on the night.

Keep an eye out for announcements of future events!

Route Setting @ Sutton: Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Howard was in to do the mid-set in the Comp Room today!

Another 10 problems added to keep you amused this month.

Grades are from 4+ through to 6b so a good selection of stuff to warm-up on, work and enjoy in addition to all the problems from the full set!


Route Setting @ Guildford: Wednesday 8th of November 2017

Mark has set us 9 new Lead routes today on Lines 14, 15 & 16.

Grades are as follows:

Line 14

Yellow 4+
Blue 6a+
Red 6c

Line 15

Green 4+
Purple 6a
Orange & Black 6b

Line 16

White 4
Orange 5+
Yellow 6a

Route Setter: Mark Croxall

Sutton Winter Comp: Photos and Results!

Firstly, big thanks to EVERYONE that came to the Comp – it was a great night with a brilliant atmosphere and some very impressive climbing!

The Competitions (which we run 3 times a year) are a fun way of gaining some competition experience without the pressure of attending one of the uber-big comps which have become the norm nowadays. The problems are set from very easy to very hard and you can choose to compete either in the Open Category (for more hardcore climbers) or the Fun Category (for anyone just getting in to comps or not wanting to push themselves too hard).

Each of the categories is also split down into Male and Female with prizes for each of the winners!

Here are the Results:





Pete Collins
Ella Danks
Max Broadhurst-Jones
Sarah HB

Adam Jorna

Joe Fletcher
Sam Goodland

Tom Keates

Joe Davison
Rianna Stuart

Robert Hepburn

Chris Miziolek

Joe Davison

Simon Hammond
Charlotte Lewis

Alex Timms

Simon Head
Ella Maskell

Alex Hill

Ben Horley

Ollie Neale

Joe Hammond

Ben Hopley

David Warburton

Simon Head

Daray Braimoh

Daray Braimoh

Conor Cecil

Jonny Maskell

Here’s a selection of photos from the night –

Route Setting @ Guildford: Tuesday 7th of November 2017

It was the turn of the ABzone again today! We like to keep these routes as regularly set as possible for you with at least 12 new ones every month.

Grades are as follows:

Line 26

Yellow 4+
Orange 5
Blue 6a
Red 6c

Line 27

Yellow & Blue 4
Green 5+
Beige 5+
Purple 6b+

Line 28

Yellow 4+
Pink 5+
White 6a
Blue 6a+

Route Setter: Mark Croxall

Route Setting @ Guildford: Monday 6th of November 2017

We’ve had Mark Croxall in setting the Traverse Wall today!

We set the Traverse Wall every month – this very popular section of wall is great for warming up, cooling down or climbing without the need for a partner.

The routes are varied so as to allow you to practice different techniques without having to work on them at height or on the Boulder Wall.

Grades are as follows:

Pink 4
Mushroom (with any feet) 4+
Green 5+
Yellow 6a+
Blue 6b
Red & White 7a

Here he is working at (not!) real speed:

Route Setting @ Guildford: 1st & 2nd of November 2017

These Boulder Sets come round so fast! We set the Main Boulder Wall every 4 weeks (or as close to as possible!) so you get lots of variety on a very regular basis.

This month we had Mark Croxall, Howard Blyth and Craig Grant working their little butts off for 2 days to deliver you another great set of challenges of all levels from Beginner (3+) to Advanced (7b+). Something for everyone.

The next set will be happening on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of November so don’t leave it too long to get stuck into those new problems!

Boreal Rock Shoe Demo: Tuesday 14th November 2017

We are delighted to be welcoming Boreal to Craggy Sutton on Tuesday 14th of November to showcase their rock climbing shoes.

Come and try the Boreal range on the wall here and get knowledgeable advice on the Boreal shoes and what’s going to help you to get the best out of your climbing!

You will be able to try the following rock shoes on the night:
– Alpha
– Joker Lace
– Joker Plus
– Silex Lace
– Silex
– Diabolo; 
– Diabola Lynx
– Kintaro
– Satori
– Dharma; and
– Mutant.

Also, on the night, customers will be able to place orders through Rock On and get 20% off the RRP.

For further info, please give us a call on 0208 643 8584 or visit our Facebook Page.

Social Session halloween

A “Dead Good” time on Social Session this week!

The centre was filled with creeps and weirdos for Social Session this week – it must be Halloween!

Never an opportunity gets missed to get lots of climbing done, dress up and have a lot of fun. Our Social Session meet every Wednesday from 7pm til 9pm.

Under the guidance of their regular and very dedicated instructors, Claire and Andy, the climbers are paired up and given a theme for the night. That can be anything from a technique drill to a full blown Eiger Challenge so everyone is kept busy and most definitely have a lot of fun along the way!

For more info about our Social Sessions, please give us a call on 01483 566880 or pop along next Wednesday to join the session.

Please note: You must be a competent climber to join the session – it’s not suitable for beginners due to the high number of participants to instructors. To be a “competent climber” you must have passed our Registration check in Reception.

Route Setting @ Guildford: 19th & 20th of October 2017

We’ve added more Lead Climbs in the last couple of days – another 17 of them to be precise!

Line 58:

White 4+
Fluro Yellow 5+
Pink 6a

Line 59:

Purple & White 5+
Red 6a
Blue 6b

Line 60:

Green 5
Yellow 6a
White 6c+

Line 61:

Orange & Black 5
Grey 6b+
Red & White 6c

Line 62:

Fluro Yellow 5+
Blue 6a+
Purple & White 6a+

Line 63:

Pink 5+
Beige 7a

Route Setter:  Mark Croxall

A great night at Sutton with Tenaya and Rock On!

Big thanks to Tim and Drew from Tenaya and Dominic from Rock On for providing us with a great rock shoe demo on Tuesday!

All our customers had a great night and really benefited from being able to try lots of different models on and actually being able to take them for a spin on the wall. Tim, Drew and Dominic were also on hand giving advice on fit and suitability as well as technique pointers for your climbing so a really great night for everyone.

Customers received 20% off all Tenaya shoes when they placed and order on the night.

We’ll be hosting another Demo in November – watch this space for further details!

Route Setting @ Guildford: 16th, 17th & 18th October 2017

19 new, steep and brilliant Lead climbs have gone up on the Main Overhang in the last few days!

Line 64:

Orange 5+
Red 6a+
Yellow 6b+
White 8a

Line 65:

Orange & Black 6a
Green 6b+
Blue 7a
Grey 7b+

Line 66:

Fluro Yellow 6a+
Beige 6b

Line 67:

White 6a
Yellow 6b
Purple 6c+
Red & White 7b

Line 68:

Orange & Black 5+
Pink (diagonal) 6a+
Blue 6b+
Green 6c
Red 7c

Route Setter:  Mark Croxall

Testing the new routes on the Main Overhang – Tuesday 17th of October 2017 from Craggy Island on Vimeo.

Tenaya Rock Shoe Demo – Tuesday 17th October @ Sutton

We’re welcoming the team from Tenaya and Rock On at Craggy Sutton on Tuesday 17th of October – it’s sure to be a great night and an opportunity to talk to very knowledgeable people about how to get the best out of your climbing.

Try on all the latest models of shoes and take the opportunity to test them on real climbs to see how they perform for you.

Don’t miss it!!

Craggy Youth Team and regulars impress at Nationals!

Last weekend saw the Final of the British Lead Climbing Championships in Sheffield!

Craggy Youth Team members Matilda Collins and Joshua Bruyns were competing in categories Youth C Female and Youth B Male and regular Craggy climbers Peter Wycislik, Karin Bradbury and Toby Roberts were competing in Male Open, Female Veteran and Youth C Boys.

The event has the competitors climbing 2 Qualification routes on the Saturday and then the top few from each category going through to the Finals on Sunday to compete on an even harder climb.

In Qualification, Joshua Bruyns placed 15th and Peter Wycislik placed 21st – not ranking them high enough to make Sunday’s Finals. Matilda Collins qualified in 2nd place, Karin Bradbury in 4th place and Toby Roberts in joint 1st place. All making it through and looking forward to competing again the following day.

Finals came around and all of our climbers either improved on or maintained their ranking from Qualification – big congratulations to all of you!

Toby Roberts – 1st Place, Youth C Boys
Matilda Collins – 2nd Place, Youth C Girls
Karin Bradbury – 2nd Place,

Route Setting @ Sutton: 10th, 11th & 12th of October

The monthly Boulder Set is now complete in the Rock Room at Sutton!

86 new problems set over 3 days and graded between 3+ and 7b.

Big thanks to Howard Blyth and Stephen Darling for all their hard work and delivering us another diverse set of new problems!

The Comp Room set is scheduled for Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th of November with the regular mid-set on Tuesday 17th & Thursday 19th of October.

Route Setting: Wednesday 11th of October

9 lovely new Slab Top-Rope climbs up today on Lines 87, 88 & 89!

Grades are as follows:

Line 87:

Blue 3+
Yellow 4+
Red 6a

Line 88:

Green 3+
Pink & Black 5
Purple 5+

Line 89:

Beige 3+
Blue 4+
Orange 6a

Route Setter:  Craig Grant

fundraising macmillan cancer supprt bart's cafe

Fundraising Total – £131.19! Macmillan Cancer Support

With great thanks to all our customers (and some drop-in cake enthusiasts who were happy to help with the fundraising!) we’re delighted to announce that Bart’s Cafe raised £131.19 for Macmillan Cancer Support by hosting their all day World’s Biggest Coffee Morning!

Bart and Rita are both delighted with the support they received from everyone including staff, members, Kids Club parents, people that work on the estate and friends. It was a lovely day filled with chatter and cake munching – if only every day could be that sweet?!

Bart’s Cafe is open 12:00-21:00 on weekdays and all day at the weekends.

Fancy a nibble? Come and join us!

Here’s just a selection of the tasty treats available in Bart’s Cafe today in support of Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning today!

Cakes will be available all day long – a perfect chance to try some of the new range of freshly baked homemade cakes from Bart’s Cafe – baked by the very talented Rita.

You can choose from Chocolate Brownies (GF), Oat and Raisin Cookies, Fresh Fruit Sponge, Choco-Coco Shortbread, Tiramisu Slice (definitely my favourite!) and White Chocolate Flapjacks… Such a beautiful selection which really showcases what’s on offer at Bart’s Cafe.

Cakes will be available all day long. Or until there are none left so don’t leave it too late!

All donations go straight to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Route Setting @ Guildford: 27th & 28th September 2017

The monthly Boulder Set is now complete!

50 new problems set over 2 days and graded between 3+ and 7c.

Big thanks to Mark Croxall, Howard Blyth and Craig Grant for working their little butts off to provide us with a truly great set of problems!

The next set is scheduled for Wednesday 1st and Tuesday 2nd of November 2017.

Route Setting: 25th September 2017

8 new routes set on Auto Belay Lines 85 & 86 today!

Line 85:

Grey 4+
Blue 5+
Red 6a
White 6b
Notes:  Sidewalls ok but no arete.

Line 86:

Orange 5
Green 5+
Pink 6a
Red & White 7b
Notes:  Sidewalls ok but no arete.

Route Setter:  Mark Croxall