External Coach and Instructor applications | Craggy Island
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If you’re a Climbing Coach, Instructor or Personal Trainer wanting to use Craggy Island as a venue to bring your clients, please complete the form below to apply to be able to use our facilities.

Craggy Island are proud to offer a very high level of safety and customer service to our customers. We like to be sure we know who is using our Centres and what they are using them for so we can ensure that all users are safe and well looked after during their time with us.

We reserve the right to refuse an application if we do not feel that your experience is appropriate for the work that you intend to undertake.

We also reserve the right to revoke an arrangement if your use of the Centre has a negative impact on our safe operation, the experience of our customers or if it is felt that you have not conducted yourself appropriately whilst carrying out your work at the Centre.

Please Note: If you do not have an agreement in place before attending Craggy Island, you will be refused entry at time of arrival.