Social Climbing and the Perfect Opportunity to Relax in a Friendly Atmosphere
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Social sessions @ Craggy Guildford run every Wednesday and Friday evening from 7pm to 9pm.

These drop-in sessions are hosted by Claire and Andy on Wednesdays and Joe on Fridays. They are there to greet everyone attending, set challenges and help integrate new-comers to the group. These sessions are ideal for people looking for climbing partners, new climbers wanting to meet like minded enthusiasts and anyone wanting to enjoy a great evening with friends climbing at Craggy Island. It usually ends up with most enjoying a well-earned drink in Bart’s Cafe at the end of the session.

The group can consist of anywhere from 15 – 40 attendees on the night, of mixed climbing ability, age and gender.

Cost is your normal entry fee plus £2.

Please note: Only people who’ve passed the Registration Test and shown that they can climb safely without supervision of an Instructor can join the Session.