Bouldering in Sutton, Surrey - South London's premier bouldering centre
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Craggy Sutton is a top-class dedicated bouldering centre and Kids Party destination. Suitable for new and experienced climbers and families!

If you’ve been looking for a fun new hobby that will challenge you physically and focus you mentally then bouldering is absolutely the right sport for you! Climbing is suitable for beginners and it also has proven benefits for supporting mental health and offers a great alternative for those who are looking to step outside of the gym and are keen to improve their physical strength and coordination.

Bouldering is also a very sociable sport.  Climbers are naturally friendly people and there’s always someone on hand who will be happy to offer advice, help you to unlock the techniques needed to complete a climb or just have a chat. Many of our members have made new friends as part of their journey with us and now climb regularly and very much enjoy the company of our staff and customers during their visits. Prefer to climb alone? No problem – just give us a nod and a smile.

Here at Craggy Sutton we have provided a dedicated, modern facility that offers climbing suitable for absolute beginners and experienced climbers alike. Our Instructors will guide you through your first visit to ensure that you’re aware of and comfortable with all of the important safety skills to allow you to boulder with full understanding of what you need to do to stay safe. All of our safety equipment conforms to industry standards and we pride ourselves on offering the very best service we can to get you bouldering safely with us.

  • The Cave and Traverse Room – an extensive caving system with chambers and passageways to explore and enjoy. Now open again! Please get in touch to find out more about who can use the caving system and when.
  • Rob’s Room – 70+ boulder routes on slabs, vertical, overhangs and a horizontal roof. Set regularly by our in-house team and special Guest Setters.


  • The Comp Room – 70+ boulder routes on a variety of angled walls from slabs to very steep overhangs, all set regularly by our team of professional route setters.
  • The Cafe & Conference Room – Enjoy a coffee mid-climb or take advantage of our Conference Room for a meeting/workspace.

T: 01483 388069  E:

Craggy Island Sutton Bouldering | Oaks Park | Carshalton | Surrey | SM5 4AN

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