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If you’re an existing member or experienced boulderer, this is the place for you!

If you’ve been climbing a while and are ready to progress onto some steeper or more technical climbing then our instructors can help with performance coaching.

Been bouldering regularly with us and want to introduce some of your family or friends to it? Take an Intro to Supervision to be sure that you’re ready and able to look after them whilst they’re climbing with you.

Want to organise a session for some workmates or friends? Book one of our Bouldering Experiences so you can all enjoy the session together, under the watchful and enthusiastic eye of one of our instructors!

T: 01483 388069 E: sutton@craggy-island.com

Craggy Island Sutton Bouldering | Oaks Park | Carshalton | Surrey | SM5 4AN

Here’s our selection of courses suitable for you:

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