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Bouldering and caving parties at Sutton are great fun for adventurous children.

Our extensive artificial cave system has numerous tunnels, chambers and even a sump filled with soft play balls!

There are many routes to go once inside the caves and they are very dark but our young cavers get supplied with helmets and head torches for their protection and to illuminate the way. Yes, they may get lost temporarily but escape routes are every 5 metres or so and they’ll soon build in confidence. There are no dragons down there but don’t tell the kids! On the outside of the caving system are walls covered in climbing holds and our instructors have numerous games and challenges for your group to play.

Our parties are suitable for children aged 5-13 years.

The children will have an hour of fun caving and climbing games, and after the fun you will have access to the party room for 45 minutes for refueling and pizzas (included in the price) for hungry kids.

You can bring additional food and drink and decorate the room with balloons and party decorations as you wish! Plates and cups can also be provided.

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