Guildford Dedicated Training Area for Climbers | Craggy Island
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With Beastmakers, Bawls, a Campus Board and Moon System Board we have everything you need to train hard to climb.

At Guildford we have a dedicated training area; up on a mezzanine floor and away from distractions and youngsters – equipped with finger boards, campus boards and a moon board.

Further to this we have 8 Auto Belays in the ABzone plus our unique traverse wall and, of course, the Bouldering Wall – all of which are great for those wishing to train and improve their climbing fitness.

If you’re unsure of how to use some of this equipment, why not book a Private Tuition with one of our instructors to run through, demonstrate and suggest a training program to get you started.

Give us a call on 0344 880 8866 for more info and to book a session with a suitable Instructor.