Health and Safety at Craggy Island Climbing Gyms
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Your safety is paramount at Craggy Island

Whether you are a registered Craggy climber or visiting us for a course or instruction we go to great lengths to ensure you are as safe as possible. Your safety also involves taking active measures yourself, including having a minimum level of climbing experience and keeping to some common sense rules:

  • Walk around the centre safely, not under belayers and ropes
  • Keep your feet on the ground unless being belayed or bouldering
  • Don’t hold or stand on metal rings, chains or quickdraws
  • Check your partner before you climb
  • Belay in a safe and sensible manner
  • Don’t swing on the ropes
  • Remove your harness before bouldering
  • Don’t climb near, or underneath, other boulderers
  • When bouldering, don’t jump down; try to climb down safely

While the ultimate responsibility lies with yourself, our staff are trained to seek out unsafe climbing practices that might put a climber and those around them in danger. We also have stringent regular safety checks in place for all our equipment.

Our Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance is provided by Sportscover Europe Ltd.

We employ the services of Citation Ltd who ensure our Health and Safety practices are up to date, current and effective. They also take an active role in the production and upkeep of our risk assessments. Citation only employs the highest calibre Health and Safety consultants, who are qualified members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) or the International Institute of Risk Safety Management (IIRSM).

Craggy Island is a full member of the Association of British Climbing Walls. As the representative body of Climbing Centre Managers and Owners, the ABC issues guidelines for the safe running of indoor climbing walls. Craggy Island has taken care to incorporate the ABC guidelines in the running of the business and has exceeded the level of ABC safety requirements in a number of areas.

We also work alongside the British Mountaineering Council to promote climbing activities as a sport to be accessible and enjoyed by all.

On top of all this, we have a constant round of checks to all our equipment and hardware to ensure they are in good condition.

While we cannot guarantee anyone’s safety while visiting Craggy Island, you will be pleased to learn that we have an excellent safety record in an industry that is already declared a low risk against most other sports.

If you need more details of our safety procedures, please contact us.