Top tips for achieving more – Craggy Island
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In your journey to climb higher and achieve more there’s no substitute for good technique and practice. Craggy Island can help in this in two powerful ways:

Some basic common sense advice will get you a long way too, so here are some free tips:

  1. Warm up and stretch before you start climbing – tight muscles and ligaments don’t perform as well.
  2. Get in the habit of previewing and learning to read the route before you climb it.
  3. Save your strength as much as possible – use the minimum effort to steady your balance at any particular time.
  4. Keep your body close to the wall and over your centre of mass to relieve pressure on your grip.
  5. Wherever possible use your legs to hold your weight and your your arms for balance and movement.
  6. A good climber combines good technique with development of the right muscles.
  7. Find opportunities to rest your muscles while climbing to extend your endurance.
  8. Push yourself with difficult routes – this means you may fall, so be certain at all times that you put safety first.
  9. Practice good technique every time you climb – watch and learn from other good climbers.
  10. Climb frequently and enjoy your journey.