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Climb higher, achieve more

Get in great shape

In addition to the great social aspect and the fun mental and technical challenges, climbing offers a unique way to keep fit. Climbing frequently can provide an excellent balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, plus a workout for all of the main muscle groups. If you get into climbing it is easier to maintain a regular exercise regime because you’re having so much fun. Craggy 3 Star membership gets you a terrific deal and means that you can climb as often as you like at both Craggy centres.

Train to climb better

At Craggy Island we provide everything you need to continually improve your climbing. Our expert instructors are available for private tuition, meaning that your own personal path to improvement is informed and guided by the best climbing coaches. Both Craggy centres have facilities dedicated to pure training – the Training Zone at Guildford, for example, is packed with campus boards and a high density bouldering wall.