Guildford Terms and Conditions of Bookings and Use | Craggy Island
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Please be aware of our Booking Terms & Conditions:

Section 1: Fees

1.1 Full payment is required at the point of booking. We are not able to reserve places without payment or to take payment on arrival.

Section 2: Rearrangement of booking type or course dates.

2.1 A customer may apply to amend a booking type, time, date, duration or headcount. This can be carried out free of charge if we receive the request more than 3 days before the date of the booking.

2.2 Any requests to amend bookings within 3 days of the session will be subject to forfeiture of 50% of the full booking costs.

2.3 In the event of a forced closure that is outside of our control, we will contact customers to re-schedule their course or session. Bookings will be re-scheduled and vouchers issued for any course or session where an alternative date cannot be immediately be found.

Section 3: Cancellation by the Customer – Financial Costs

3.1 50% of the total booking fee will be forfeit where cancellation takes place less than 3 days before the booking is due to begin.

3.2 100% of the total booking fee will be forfeit where cancellation takes place within 24 hours of the booking start time.

Section 4: Cancellation by the Company

4.1 We endeavour to ensure all bookings will run as scheduled, however, in the event of cancellation, we will notify the customer as soon as is possible.

4.2 In the event of cancellation due to external factors which would make the activity or centre unsafe or unsuitable, we will contact the client as soon as possible. We cannot refund any travel costs incurred prior to the cancellation.

4.3 In the event of cancellation by us, we offer the following options:

  • 4.3.1 Full refund of the fee paid
  • 4.3.2 Another booking on an alternate date/time, subject to availability

Section 5: Forced temporary closure that is outside of our control

5.1 In the event of a forced temporary closure we will contact customers to re-schedule their booked course or session. Bookings will be re-scheduled and vouchers issued for any course or session where an alternative date cannot be immediately be found.


Terms & Conditions of Use for all participants in climbing and bouldering activities at Craggy Island Guildford:

Association of British Climbing Walls conditions of use:

Risks – “All climbing and bouldering activities have a risk of serious injury or death. Participants must be aware of and accept that even if they follow all good practice there may still be the risk of accident and injury. It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to the conditions of use.”

Although the climbing/bouldering centre is an artificial environment the risks involved are no less serious than when climbing outside on a crag or mountain. There is an additional risk that all holds can spin or break.

Climbing beyond your capabilities on any wall is likely to result in a fall. Any fall may result in an injury despite the safety systems in place to avoid it. You must make your own assessment of the risks whenever you climb.

Our duty of care – The rules of the climbing centre are set out below and are not intended to limit your enjoyment of the facilities. They are part of the duty of care that we as operators, owe to you the customer, by law. As such they are not negotiable and if you are not prepared to abide by them then the staff must politely ask you to leave.

Your duty of care – You also have a duty of care to act responsibly towards other users of the centre. Statements of ‘good practice’ are posted around the centre adjacent to the relevant facilities. These describe the accepted methods of use and how customers would normally be expected to behave towards each other.

Unsupervised Climbing/Bouldering – Before you climb without supervision, the centre expects you to be competent in the use of a safety harness, a suitable knot to attach a rope to the harness and a belay device to secure a falling climber or lower a climber from the wall using a rope. Or to be a competent boulderer with awareness of how to keep safe within the centre and when using our facilities. You are required to register to accept that you know how to use the equipment, that you are prepared to abide by the Rules below and that you understand the risks involved in your participation. Craggy Island will check your competency at initial registration either by practical assessment or a series of questions to determine your suitability for unsupervised climbing/bouldering.

Anyone who has not registered is classed as a novice and must not climb without supervision. Unsupervised climbing is just that! Staff will provide whatever help and advice they can, but instruction in the use of equipment or climbing techniques will only be provided where it has been booked and paid for in advance. If you are not confident in the use of any climbing equipment or technique then do not attempt to use it without the supervision of someone who is competent to do so.

Supervised Climbing – An adult who has registered at the centre and demonstrated suitable competency may be able to supervise up to two novice climbers/boulderers as long as they are prepared to take full responsibility for the safety of those people. Groups of three or more novices must only be supervised by an instructor holding the relevant Mountain Leader Training Board qualification, insurance and first aid; this individual will have to book in and be pre-approved by the Centre Manager.

Children – All children within the centre must be supervised by an adult, unless they have been assessed by the management and registered for unsupervised climbing/bouldering. Craggy Island has a separate child protection policy that is available for viewing when requested. Children from 5 years and up can climb supervised by their parent/guardian and on pre-booked instructed sessions. Children aged up to 4 years can climb supervised by their parent/guardian only. Suitably sized equipment is available to hire where possible.

Association of British Climbing Walls standard rules

General Safety

  • Report to reception on each visit before you climb.
  • You must exercise care, common sense and self preservation at all times.
  • Report any problems with the walls, equipment or other climbers’ behaviour to a member of staff immediately.
  • Be aware of the other climbers around you and how your actions will affect them.
  • Do not distract people while they are climbing, belaying or bouldering.
  • Stand well back from the climbing walls unless you are belaying or spotting a climber. Never stand directly under someone who is climbing.

When Bouldering

  • The soft flooring under the bouldering walls is designed to provide a more comfortable landing for climbers falling from the bouldering wall. THE SOFT FLOORING DOES NOT MAKE THE CLIMBING ANY SAFER. Broken and sprained limbs are common on this type of climbing wall despite the soft landing. Uncontrolled falls and jumping from the walls are likely to result in injuries to yourself or others.
  • No food or drink is to be taken onto the crash matting.
  • We recommend that if you wish to boulder wearing a chalk bag that you do not carry any brushes/accessories in it and attach the bag via a simple webbing belt. Attaching the chalk bag by karabiner or any other method could result in injury to yourself or a spotter if you were to fall.
  • Always climb within your capabilities and descend safely by down climbing.
  • Never climb directly above or below another climber.
  • Always remove your harness when bouldering.

When Belaying

  • Always use a belay device attached to your harness with a locking karabiner. ‘Traditional’, or ‘body’ belaying is not acceptable.
  • The attachment points on belay bags are provided to give support to people belaying a climber who is much heavier than they are. Direct belays from these attachment points are not acceptable.
  • Always pay attention to what the climber is doing.
  • Always stand as close to the climbing wall as is practical unless you are using one of the attachment points on the floor. Sitting or lying down is not acceptable.

Top Roping

  • Many of the climbs in the centre have top ropes already in place. Do not take them down to use on other routes.
  • Do not use your own quick draws to lead the top rope walls.


  • When using the lead walls you must supply your own appropriately rated dynamic rope.
  • Quick draws are already provided at intervals on the lead walls so you do not need your own. You must clip all quick draws on the route you are climbing. At the top, clip into both top karabiners.

When Climbing

  • The tall walls are designed to be climbed using a rope for protection. Solo climbing is not acceptable on these walls. Always use a rope to protect yourself on these climbs.
  • Always use a safety harness to attach yourself to the rope.
  • Always tie the rope directly into the harness using a suitable climbing knot. Clipping in with a karabiner is not acceptable.
  • Children aged less than 8 years are recommended to wear a helmet whilst participating in roped climbing. Helmets are provided free of charge and available at Reception.

Instructed/School/Group Sessions

  • Whilst you/your child/your group are waiting for your session to start you are responsible for the safety of yourself/your child/your group. You must follow the directions given at Reception when you arrive and proceed to the waiting area as directed. You must also take responsibility for your safe leaving of the premises when your session has concluded. If you are unsure of any aspect, please make your way to Reception who will be able to advise you.
  • Our Instructors will provide you/your child/your group with instruction to enable you to enjoy your session safely. You must ensure that you adhere to all instructions given and take all reasonable care to maintain your safety whilst under their guidance. If you are unsure about an instruction, ask your instructor to clarify before proceeding.

​Craggy Island standard rules

  • No smoking or alcohol on the premises. No admittance to those deemed to be under the influence.
  • No food or drink on the climbing floor area unless in sealed container. No food or drink is to be taken onto the bouldering crash mats.
  • Rucksacks/gear only within the changing areas or in the lockers provided.
  • No access into the interior wall areas, cordoned off areas or private/staff-only areas.
  • No running in the centre, no throwing of chalk or any marking of any walls or flooring.
  • No climbing over the top of any of the climbing walls or above any top anchor points.
  • Spinning holds are rare at Craggy but if you find one, please inform a member of staff in Reception immediately and do not attempt to fix it yourself.
  • Staff are here for your safety and have a duty of care to make comment on bad belaying/unsafe practices. Anyone who does not adhere to up to date safe practices even after comment will have their registration revoked and will be recommended to attend a 1.5 hour Refresher course. We reserve the right to refuse entry to customers for reasons of safety or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Do not block fire exits or walkways.
  • If you require assistance, please ask a Craggy Island staff member; please be aware that if that staff member is in charge of a group you may have to wait for assistance until their clients are safely at ground level.
  • Only Craggy Island Staff may instruct at Craggy Island, any other persons performing paid instruction will be asked to leave the centre unless specifically cleared with centre management.
  • Those persons who have been signed-in as novices may climb, boulder and belay under the supervision of the registered user who signed them in. Registered users who are cleared to supervise are limited to a maximum of 2 novices. Supervising users must NOT climb using a rope whilst supervising. Supervision means not leaving the ground and ensuring your charges safety. If your novices are safely at ground level and understand that they must not climb/boulder until you have completed your climb then you are permitted to climb/boulder if it is safe for you to do so.
  • Always be aware of climbers above who may fall at any time, this includes roped areas.
  • If on a low level traverse of the roped climbs, feet must remain in the 1st panel or maximum 1 metre above the ground, do not traverse beneath other climbers.
  • No soloing of any roped/lead routes under any circumstances.
  • Do not lead any climbs where a rope is already in place.
  • When top-roping a previously led climb, a second must climb on the side of the rope running through the quick draws, unclipping as they climb. This will avoid any risk of a pendulum fall; if a second person then wishes to top rope the route they can only do so if those quick draws have been re-clipped.
  • Use correct belaying technique as per manufacturers recommended methods according to your chosen belay device. Always be attentive.
  • If aged 17 years or under climbing will not be allowed without a signed parental consent form.
  • If a member of Craggy Island Staff approaches you to amend a best practice issue or shows you a skill, this skill applies only to the situation at the time of teaching, it may not apply to other climbing situations either indoor or outdoor and you should seek professional instruction for all your future climbing situations, courses can be requested through Craggy Island.
  • No unauthorised photography.
  • Watching TV on Craggy Island premises: Craggy does not hold a TV licence for it’s premises. Therefore, you will need to hold a TV licence to watch or record any TV programme live, on any channel or TV service, on any device whilst on the premises. You also need a TV licence to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer, live, catch up or on-demand.
  • Craggy Island accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person’s property in relation to the usage of Craggy Island and the surrounding parking areas.
  • Personal property being used at or left at Craggy Island is entirely at customers’ own risk.
  • Usage of the automatic belay machines is subject to the terms and conditions stated at the unit’s location. Usage is for over 18+ year old members, junior competent members and persons under Craggy Island instruction.
  • In the event of a forced closure, which is outside of our control for any reason, we will contact customers to re-schedule their booked course or session. Refunds would not normally be offered and a Voucher will be issued for any course or session that an alternative date cannot be found for at that time.
  • When participating in a competition hosted by Craggy Island, all competitors and spectators will be required to abide by all rules and restrictions specific to that day, in addition to the above.

Terms & Conditions of Monthly Membership:

Craggy Island Limited provides climbing facilities to exercise and train in a safe and friendly environment. These terms and conditions constitute the membership contract between you and us.

  • Monthly Members must be registered as normal Craggy Island members and have agreed to and signed the Terms & Conditions for participating in Climbing and Bouldering activities at Craggy Island.
  • Monthly Members are entitled to full use of both Craggy Island centres during normal opening times, subject to any of the clauses below.
  • Monthly memberships are available for junior climbers. The normal centre-specific terms & conditions of child supervision will apply.
  • Monthly payments will be taken from the member’s nominated payment card each month until the member cancels their membership.
  • Monthly membership prices may be altered at any time, subject to giving 1 month’s notice by advertising the changes directly to affected members, in-house and on our website.
  • A minimum membership period of 1 month applies to this agreement. On expiry of this minimum period, your membership will automatically continue indefinitely at the prevailing rate subject to the termination process.
  • Craggy Island Limited reserves the right to reject any application for membership or renewal of membership.
  • Monthly members must notify Craggy Island Limited of any change in their contact details.
  • On acceptance of a Membership, a member will be issued with a membership card, which will remain the property of Craggy Island Limited. This membership card may not be used by anybody except the card holder.  Any misuse of a membership card will be deemed the responsibility of the cardholder and may result in the termination of membership.
  • To give notice and cancel a membership after the initial one-month minimum period you must speak to a member of the Reception team. They can be contacted by phone on 01483 388081 or by email at
  • We may terminate/suspend your membership with immediate effect or refuse renewal of membership if, in the reasonable opinion of the management, any member shall cause nuisance or annoyance to other members or staff of Craggy Island Limited, if you have breached any terms and conditions of this agreement or of the centre, or your membership fees remain unpaid 14 days after the due date.
  • We reserve the right to close all or part of Craggy Island from time to time or reserve rope lines at our discretion e.g. for repairs and maintenance, refurbishment, route setting, staff training, cleaning, school holidays, booked courses, events, competitions or severe weather etc.
  • If a centre is too busy, for health & safety reasons, we reserve the right not to allow entry.
  • In the event of a forced closure that is outside of our control, all monthly memberships will be frozen and not re-started again until we re-open. You do not need to do anything; this will be handled by Craggy Island and you will not be charged during this time.
  • You agree to let Craggy Island Limited contact you from time to time in relation to your membership.

Craggy Island Limited Registered in England No 04938327 (Ts & Cs: Last updated 19.05.2021)